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The catalog for our shirts is available online at (When site opens, select "Product Mall Page", then select "Complete Apparel Online Product Line", then type in the product code in the search block.).  Our local provider gets the shirts from the wholeseller source and puts our logo on them for us.


The two styles of shirts we are offering at this time are:

1.  100% cotton, and the code to enter in the search block is PC61.  The price on these is $20 (approx $10 for cost and $10 to our fund).  There are also ladies shirts at LPC61.  The most popular color so far has been Lime.  The Amelia Island Trail logo will show in full colors on the "light" color shirts.  On the "dark" shirts the logo's colors don't show properly, but we can print it in white or black to contrast with the shirt color.
2.  100% polyester, and the code to enter in the search block is ST350 for adult, LST350 for ladies, and ST350LS for adult long sleeve.  The short sleeve polyester is $26 and the long sleeve is $29, and approximately $10 of the price goes to our fund.  Same caveat on the logo color.  These are a performance shirt like dri-fit and keep you cooler letting the sweat wick out. Several ladies have ordered the Light Pink color, while guys are ordering Lime Shock color and a few dark colors.
If you want to select a style, color and size from the web site,  send me an email ( with the particulars. 

The catalog does have lots of other styles and garments.  But, we've held the selection for this order cycle to 2 styles to try to get a quantity discount.  If you see something you really want we can probably get it for you but it may take a bit longer and with only 1 or 2 of a product the cost will be higher.

"If you prefer to order a shirt and have it shipped to you, we can do that.  Send your check to P O Box 16113, Fernandina Beach, FL, 32035,  for the amount of the shirt plus $5.00 for postage along with instruction about where to send the shirt.  We'll send it to the address you provide once the shirt is ready."



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