Paving resumed yesterday along all of Segment 1 of the new AI Parkway Trail, with first and final layers of asphalt. Segment 1 (of 4 Segments) will run from the intersection of Amelia Island Parkway and S. Fletcher Av to the intersection with Via Del Rey. The county expects Segment 1 to be complete by the end of March or beginning of April, the same time that, work will start on Segment 2. Please remember that this new trail, once paved, will remain a construction zone with construction crew and trucks and grading equipment on the trail until the last details are done, including landscape grading, paint, signs, and the traffic signal at Fletcher Avenue and the AI Parkway.

paving new AI Parkway Trail paving new AI Parkway Trail paving new AI Parkway Trail paving new AI Parkway Trail



On January 29th, representatives from Friends of the Amelia Island Trail’s Board met with Nassau County’s Deputy County Manager to discuss numerous trail-related matters. See meeting notes with maps and diagrams.

Here’s a summary of topics discussed: Amelia Island Parkway Trail progress (segment 1 estimated completion date in April; segment 2 out for bids; segments 3 & 4 in design), new trail signage and rules, rest stops to be built by FOAIT, ped and bike crossings at S 14th St roundabout, presentation of a special trail display to County Commission, discussion of various other trails in Nassau County, future roundabout and provision for cyclists and pedestrians at Amelia Island Parkway and Buccaneer Rd, repair of trail on Julia St, maintenance requests for the Amelia Island Trail, and the new “Nassau FL 2050 Vision Project”. Representatives also briefly discussed expanding our support for trails beyond Amelia Island and into the rest of Nassau County; this last topic will be further discussed at a FOAIT Board of Directors meeting.

Mike Pikula
Friends of the Amelia Island Trail, Inc.



map of William Burgest TrailNassau County has completed the design of a new road and parallel multi-use trail in Yulee and has published a solicitation for its construction. The road and trail will be approximately 1.7 miles long and connect Miner Rd with U S Hwy 17. It will provide safe pedestrian and cyclist access to and from Yulee Middle and High School. A new controlled intersection will be constructed at U S Hwy 17. After crossing U S 17 the trail will connect with existing paved trails in the Yulee area.

A “Pre-bid” meeting will be held on Dec 11 at 2pm in the Nassau County Commission Chambers at 96135 Nassau Place, Yulee FL 32097. Bids from contractors will be due NLT Jan 17. Construction start and completion dates will be negotiated.

Mike Pikula
Friends of the Amelia Island Trail, Inc.



Wednesday August 16th 2023, is the official start of construction for Segment 1 of the new Amelia Island Parkway Trail, a paved, off-road path similar to the Amelia Island Trail and the Amelia River-to-Sea Trail. This new trail will be constructed in 4 segments and overall will be approximately 3.2 miles long. Segment 1 of 4 Segments will run from the intersection of Amelia Island Parkway and S. Fletcher Ave to the intersection with Via Del Rey. The entire trail will be built along the SW side of the Amelia Island Parkway. Segment 4 will end at the intersection of Amelia Island Parkway and A1A. See attached illustration.

The design for Segment 2 has also been completed and a solicitation for construction bids will be issued by Nassau County in the near future. Segments 3 and 4 are in design now and solicitations for bids will be issued as the designs are completed.

map of Amelia Island Parkway Trail
Route for Amelia Island Trail Extension in 4 Segments

This project is fully funded by grants awarded to Nassau County by the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (NFTPO). Rest Stops along the Trail will be funded and constructed by Friends of the Amelia Island Trail.

Amelia Island Parkway Trail sign

Our off-road trails on Amelia Island offer safe venues for recreational walkers, runners and cyclists. As this project begins, I'd like to thank our local cycling community for all their support for trail construction over the past years. Special thanks must also go to the Nassau County Staff especially Robert Companion and Taco Pope for their continuous support to design, fund and build these popular community amenities, and to the North Florida TPO for their overall leadership in transportation improvements in our North Florida communities.

Mike Pikula
Friends of the Amelia Island Trail, Inc.



new Heckscher bridge to accomodate trail The Pre-construction Meeting for the replacement sidewalk alongside the west side of Citrona Drive from Hickory Street to Beech Street in Fernandina Beach was held today, June 12, 2023. The contract for $221,747 had been previously awarded to CGC, Inc. Mr. Jonny Barton is the local Project Manager for CGC. Robert Companion was the senior Nassau County representative present, and the meeting was chaired by Mr. Arne Lash and Mr. Geoff Scales of DRMP which is the contract management firm representing Nassau County.

The Contract performance period will be 50 calendar days + 15 additional calendar days if required, and is expected to be completed on or before August 16th, 2023 (note: school starts on 10 August). The path will be concrete and vary in width from 6’ up to 10’. It will be constructed on the west side of Citrona Drive, and will be approximately 2746’ or .52 miles in length. This new sidewalk will replace the existing substandard one that passes by both the Fernandina Beach High School and the Fernandina Beach Middle School.

Friends of the Amelia Island Trail would like to thank the Florida Department of Transportation, the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization, Nassau County’s Board of Commissioners and our County staff for their full support of this project.



new Heckscher bridge to accomodate trail new Heckscher bridge to accomodate trail The bridge construction along Heckscher is almost done. The railings and guardrails along the new Simpsons Creek bridge, the trail pavement, and the final layer of pavement on Heckscher are the only things left. Weather depending, this new section of Timucuan Trial will be open later this month. With the ferry back in service, what an opportunity for a bicycle ride between Amelia Island and Mayport.



At yesterday's (5/17/2023) Nassau County Commission meeting, the commission voted 5-0 to proceed with the award of contract No CM3373 with CGC, Inc., for construction of phase 1 of the Amelia Island Trail Extension alongside Amelia Island Parkway from S. Fletcher Av to Via Del Rey. The contract will be for $999,747. Start date for construction will be negotiated and is expected to begin in June, 2023.

This is the first of four sections of a 3.5 mile trail that will run the length of Amelia Island Parkway to Eighth Street. Phase 2 design is complete, with solicitation to be issued later this year. Phases 3 and 4 are in design now. Over the next few years, as other sections are added, the Amelia Island Trial will connect with the ARTS trail. See BOCC 5/17/23 Agenda Item for the details regarding this section of trail and the timing to finally secure a winning bidder. This trail project is fully funded with federal grants distributed through the First Coast TPO.



new Heckscher bridge to accomodate trail new Heckscher bridge to accomodate trail Construction of the portion of the Timucuan Trail that connects Big and Little Talbot Islands is now three quarters done as the first half of the Simpson Creek bridge replacement opened. Vehicle and bicycle traffic is now routed onto the new portion of the bridge as the last half is dismantled. The bridge across Myrtle Creek has been completed, but the trail portion is not yet open. The automated traffic control device remains in place on Heckscher Drive, and continues to provide for safe bicycle passage when bicycles pass through the bicycle deterction zone symbol on the pavement. This bridge and trail project is still on schedule to be completed by approximately March 31, 2023 (weather permitting).



The county has issued an invitation to bid for Segment 1 of the Amelia Island Trial extension. The bids are due by August 31. Once accepted, construction will start along the Amelia Island Parkway from South Fletcher to Jamestown Road. Here are the final drawings for Segment 1.



It’s been some time since we had significant news to report about trails on Amelia Island and in our local area. But that is rapidly changing!! Here’s an update on some trail projects in Nassau County and the Talbot Islands in Duval County.

Amelia Island Trail Extension Update. Our next new trail will be a 3 ¾ mile-long extension of the Amelia Island Trail to be built entirely on the Southwest side of Amelia Island Parkway between South Fletcher Avenue and 8th Street (A1A).

With great support from the First Coast Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), Nassau County will soon be soliciting bids for construction of the first two of four fully funded trail segments for the northwestward continuation of the Amelia Island Trail. The first of those two segments will connect with the existing AIT at the intersection of S. Fletcher AV/A1A with Amelia Island Parkway (near the Ritz Carlton) and will end near Via Del Rey. Segment 2 will continue onward to the roundabout at S. 14th Street. Segments 3 and 4 are in the design stage at this time and when completed will take the Trail further along Parkway to connect with A1A/S. Eighth St. The funding is federally sourced and flows through the FDOT to Nassau County.

map of Amelia Island Trail planned extension
Route for Amelia Island Trail Extension in 4 Segments

The total length of the new trail extension will be 3.24 miles. All segments will be constructed along the South and Western sides of A.I. Parkway; the new Trail will cross the existing Amelia River-to-Sea Trail near the roundabout at Bailey Road. No estimated completion dates are yet available. Friends of the Amelia Island Trail will be installing up to 4 rest areas alongside the new trail segments. This $3.24 million trail project is fully funded with federal grants distributed through the First Coast TPO.

New Trail Funding Approved By State of Florida. Nassau County is the recipient of a $5.1 million State of Florida grant to fund construction of a wonderful new trail on Amelia Island! See June 15, 2022 press release.

The route of this new trail as announced by Nassau County is:

  1. -Start at the intersection of Will Hardee Rd. and Simmons Rd.,
  2. -Continue Northward via Will Hardee Rd. to Sadler Rd.,
  3. -Turn West (left) on Sadler Rd.,
  4. -Turn North (right) on S. 14th St.,
  5. -S. 14th St. Northward to Hickory St.
The planned trail ends at Hickory for now, but eventually will continue to Front St and Centre St.

map of new trail concept from Amelia Island Parkway to Hickory St
Illustration of new trail concept from Amelia Island Parkway to Hickory St.

Our county expects State funding to be available in FY2023. At that time trail design will begin and a construction contract will follow. Nassau County is certified to do its own designs, solicitations, and contract awards for local construction so this entire process will likely be “in house”. Additional planning and funding will be needed to continue the planned Schools to Downtown trail construction from Hickory St. to the City’s waterfront (see our 2/19/2021 news). This grant also included funding for some safety improvements on S. 14th Street with new turn lanes, medians, and landscaping. We offer sincere thanks to Nassau County’s Taco Pope and Robert Companion, and City of Fernandina Beach’s Dale Martin and Kelly Gibson for their coordinated efforts and sustained support for creation of a safe multi-use trail system for Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach!

AIT Maintenance. We recently said “Thank You” to Nassau County’s special team that made repairs to the Amelia Island Trail in March, 2022. The AIT is now nine years old and in need of some maintenance. The County team inspected the trail, then marked and removed many “ripple bumps” (caused by tree roots). This work will make the trail more enjoyable AND SAFER for our many residents and guests on one of our County’s most popular community assets.

AIT pavement repair maintenance
Maintenance crew mills off, removes broken pavement.
AIT pavement repair maintenance
Maintenance crew completes a smaller repair.
AIT pavement repair maintenance
Maintenance crew heats new pavement before rolling.
AIT pavement repair maintenance
After repairs are completed. As good as new.

E-Bikes and Speed Limit Rules on Trails. The Nassau County Commission approved rules in 2021, allowing E-bikes on our trails. The rules now allow all classes of E-bikes on Nassau County trails and set a speed limit of ten miles per hour for all trail users.

    Sec. 18-11. - Electric bicycle restriction.
  1. Title. This section shall be known as the "Electric Bicycle Restriction Ordinance."
  2. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to protect "regular" bicycle users, walkers and joggers from Class I, Class II and III electric bicycles that generate higher rates of speed.
  3. Restrictions. The use of electric bicycles classified as Class I/Personal Assist Electric Bicycles, Class II/Personal Assist Electric Bicycles and Class III/Personal Assist Electric Bicycles as defined by Florida Statutes, are permitted on county sidewalks, county-maintained multi-path trails, and trail networks.
    (1)The maximum speed for bicycles, including Class I/Personal Assist Bicycles, Class II/Personal Assist Electric Bicycles and Class III/Personal Assist Electric Bicycles, shall be ten (10) miles per hour on any county sidewalks, county maintained multi-path trails and trail networks.
  4. Penalty. A violation of this section shall subject the violator to a penalty of a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by a five hundred dollar ($500.00) fine and/or sixty (60) days in jail.
See: Nassau County Ordinance for E-bikes

AIT speed limit signageIn a memo dated June 14, 2021, the Friends of the Amelia Island Trail’s Board of Directors requested that the County place new pavement markings and signage on County trails to include 10 MPH speed limit signs, one-way direction arrows on pavement, center-line striping in certain trail sections, and signs which prohibit golf carts and ATVs, among other recommendations, on both County trails. In July, 2022, the County installed new 10 MPH speed limit signs along both the Amelia Island Trail and the Amelia River-to-Sea Trail.

Sea and Cycle brochure Water Taxi Between Fernandina Beach and St. Marys, Georgia. Still pending is the re-start of regularly scheduled ferry service with larger vessels operated by Amelia River Cruises across the St Marys River between Fernandina and St. Marys. Such a service will close a current gap in the East Coast Greenway, connecting Georgia to Florida. See “Ferry connection will close key East Coast Greenway gap” at

Amelia Offshore continues to provide on-demand operation of water taxi service between Amelia Island, FL and St. Marys, GA. Their vessel can carry small groups of up to six cyclists with their bikes; Here’s their web site:

Timucuan Trail Update.

Timucuan Trail map
Timucuan Trail Route (Orange:completed, Red:Talbot construction, Yellow: planned)

Further south, the Timucuan Trail through the Talbot Islands State Park is important to local and traveling walkers and cyclists. It transits an undeveloped and scenic part of north Florida and is also a designated part of the National East Coast Greenway ( While most of the off-road paved trail is complete, some important construction is still in progress. The portion of the trail that connects Big and Little Talbot Islands requires replacement of two bridges. One bridge across Myrtle Creek has been completed and construction of the second bridge across Simpson Creek is well along. new Heckscher bridge to accomodate trail An automated traffic control device is in place on Heckscher Dr. at the construction site which detects cyclists and adjusts traffic signal intervals accordingly. FDOT estimates this $10.97 million bridges and trail project (see $ breakout below) will be completed by approximately March 31, 2023 (weather permitting).

Talbot construction project cost breakdown

Talbot construction status
Bridge over Simpson's Creek showing partial completion of northern half.
When that last bridge and its connecting approaches are done, only a short ½ mile segment (FDOT Project #43164-1) from Huguenot Park north to the Ft. George Inlet bridge will remain to complete the Timucuan Trail project on the north side of the St Johns River; FDOT says this remaining ½ mile project is funded and construction is expected to start in FY2026.

There is also an unfunded project on Ft George Island called the “Trailhead” that will offer vehicle parking and a “shortcut” from the Timucuan Trail alongside Heckscher Dr to Ft. George Road which leads to the Ft George Island Cultural State Park and Kingsley Plantation.

The St Johns River Ferry transports motor vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians across the St. Johns River. This crossing is also part of the East Coast Greenway. Planning for multi-use trail construction from this crossing at Mayport to Hanna Beach Park and through the Jacksonville Beaches continues.

The Timucuan Trail and the Amelia Island Trail together form one of the most scenic segments of the national East Coast Greenway which will eventually connect Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida.

Nassau County Trails West of Amelia Island. Nassau County will build a new road this year connecting Miner Rd with US17 and William Burgess Blvd. The construction will help traffic flow around the elementary and high schools on Miner Rd. It will include a separate paved bicycle/pedestrian trail on one side of the road.

The Nassau County Engineering Services Department hosted a community meeting on 3/31/22 to share details about the William Burgess Extension Project. This project will extend the existing William Burgess Blvd. across U.S. 17 to Theresa Road and will include a signalized intersection, a 1.7 miles long multi-purpose path with enhanced landscaping and benches, a sidewalk, and improvements designed to reduce congestion on Miner Road at Yulee High and Yulee Middle School. This new trail will be available for your use when the extension is completed.

Link to Engineering’s presentation:

Ride Safely and enjoy YOUR trails!

Mike Pikula
Friends of the Amelia Island Trail, Inc.
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