What if I want to volunteer to help?

Contributions in-kind such as building material for trailside kiosks, benches, signage, maintenance equipment, etc., are also needed and welcome  We will also need volunteers to help maintain the trail, perform support tasks, help organize events, patrol the trail, etc.(more on this later).  Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.


As a member, how do I volunteer to participate in AIT meetings and groups?

Please contact us if you would like to be on our members e-mail list to notify you of future meetings and group volunteer events.

What other ways can I volunteer to help the AIT?

You can continue to help support the AIT by using it, helping keep it clean and clear of debris, teaching others the rules for use and where the AIT is located. Maps are on display at the Peters Point Trail Head kiosk.

What are some past examples of volunteers helping the AIT?

Volunteers built the Peters Point AIT Kiosk (April, 2014), the South Trailhead Bike Rack (May, 2014). The Boys Scouts of America Troop 89 Bench Project (January, 2015) provided the benches placed along the trail. A local bicycle enthusiast restored two vintage bicycles and donated them to the Friends of AIT for a fund raising auction that was held on the Friends of The Amelia Island Trail Facebook page (June, 2016).


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